Boat Trips to Colombia, Panama and San Blas Islands Tour 2017-09-20T22:47:27+00:00

We take you for a journey into paradise!

Experience a relaxing travel tour, dive into crystal clear waters, discover deserted islands, sleep in ocean front cabins, meet the Kuna Yala people with our amazing boat trip in the San Blas Islands.



A truly unique experience

If you’re visiting Panama this trip is definitely a must. The tour company takes care of all the logistics: shuttle to the islands and boat transportation. Remember to bring your Panama hat and sunscreen because it is hot!!

Mike J, Mike J, Trip Advisor

The most fun you’ll ever have on an island!

After traveling through some winding roads from Panama City, we arrived at a dock to take us to the islands. We met a man named Manuel, who instantly became a close friend and exciting tour guide. He speaks several languages and had a wonderful attitude to adjust me and my friend to island paradise!

alex Vamos, Trip Advisor

3 nights tour in San Blas islands

We spent 3 nights travelling 5 islands and we loved every part of the trip. I’m sure you can get more but for the price we paid, we loved all we got.

Carlos Valverde, Trip Advisor